Aqua Storm Soakaway Crate 20T 1000mm x 1000mm x 400mm (0.4m3)


Aqua Storm 20T Light Duty Soakaway Crates 1000 x 1000 x 400mm (0.4m3)

The Aqua Storm 20T light duty soak away crates are suitable for landscaped and pedestrian applications. In many circumstances the Aqua Storm 20T crates can also be used in domestic driveway applications where there is a minimum of 500mm compacted cover. Please contact the Technical Team to discuss your project and we can assist with specifying the correct crate for your scheme.

Your soil type will also determine the efficiency of the soakaway system. We recommend that your groundwork contractor undertakes a percolation test to calculate the correct volume of water storage. As a general guide, based on your soil type not being granular, you can estimate the size of your soakaway using a ratio of 1 Aqua Storm soakaway crate per 20m2 of surface area that you are draining. However we do advise that the correct tests are carried out prior to you buying your soakaway crates.