Effluent Pumping Station – 610mm x 635mm


190 Litre Single Effluent Pumping Station – 610mm x 635mm with 2 year warranty on pump

This pumping station is pre-assembled and suitable for the handling of clean, grey or effluent water.

Suitable for removing grey water from:

Final effluent from a sewage treatment plant
Drainage of cellars and basements
Waste water from sinks, showers and kitchens
Nuisance water
Surface water drainage
Please note:

There must be a minimum of 450mm below the bottom of the inlet pipe to the base of the chamber to allow for the pump to operate.

This unit is supplied with a 110mm inlet seal to enable the inlet to be cut on site to your requirements.

Effluent pumping stations include:

610mm diameter x 635 mm deep HDPE chamber
32mm automatic (NON SOLIDS) handling pump
Non-return valve/gate valve
450mm diameter 3.5 tonne cover and frame (suitable for domestic driveway)
32mm outlet adaptor to connect to MDPE
Features of the Pumping Station:

2 Year manufacturers warranty on pump
10 metres of cable
Float switch as standard
Suitable for connection to 32mm MDPE outlet pipe
610mm diameter for easier installation in troublesome areas
Anti-flotation device helps to eliminate chamber from floating
Supplied with 110mm seal to allow inlet to be drilled on site
High water alarm available as optional extra – recommended
Job ready for easy installation
BCS0006 complies with the rules and regulations of the European Union, as well as other countries, regarding the use of plastic materials in food contact applications.

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