Enduratank Rain Harvesting Tank


Enduratank® Rainwater Harvesting / Non Potable Water Tank – 150 litres

Water is a daily essential often taken for granted. In many parts of England and Wales water resources are already scarce and for many everyday uses there is simply no need to use purified drinking water. Harvesting rainwater from a roof is not only a free resource, but is also ideal for irrigation in domestic, agricultural, commercial, industrial and public sector environments.

Rainwater is an asset that doesn’t just save money but also reaps dividends for farming and the environment.

Save up to 50% of mains water costs
Reduce flood risks by keeping rainwater out of the storm-water management system
Rainwater is better for crops, it has a balanced pH and is free from chemicals such as chlorine found in mains water
Rainwater can be used for watering all types of livestock.
Don’t forget to add your filter kit.

Enduratank rainwater harvesting filter kits filter the moss and leaves going into your rainwater harvesting tank. Available as a basket filter or self cleaning design, these filters suit every roof size whether it is a domestic house, an agricultural barn or commercial factory.

The standard cost of delivery is included with this product, however offloading is the responsibility of the customer. Delivery to Scotland may incur an extra delivery charge.