Harlequin HydroStore GH4500 Garden Harvest


Harlequin HydroStore GH4500 Garden Harvest – 4,500 litres

Harvesting rainwater is becoming a popular investment throughout the UK with the recognition of water as a valued commodity.

The HydroStore Garden Harvest rainwater harvesting system allows the connection of a hose to the pump within the tank to provide recycled rainwater for irrigating lawns, gardens and car washing, etc.


High impact strength at low temperatures
Calmed inlet reduces turbulence to tank sediment, improving water quality to property
Pressure-sensitive pump (turns off if no demand), dry-run protected (turns off if no water detected) for extended service life
Pump outlet capable of delivering 2500ltr/hour, nominal 35m head, and 3.5 bar pressure to guarantee reliable, constant and efficient supply
Stress free mouldings provide extra strength
Lightweight, easy to handle
Integrated handling points
Corrosion resistant
Low maintenance
UV protected
Recyclable polyethylene
The standard cost of delivery is included with this product, however offloading is the responsibility of the customer.

Harlequin tanks with a capacity of more than 2500 litres will be delivered via articulated lorry, please ensure the delivery site has suitable access and offloading available.