Unigem Septic Tank Conversion Unit


The Uni:Gem Septic Conversion Unit is a cost effective way of converting your existing septic tank to ensure that wastewater discharge meets the requirements of the 2020 Septic Tank Regulation.

If you currently discharge wastewater to a surface water drain or a watercourse via a septic tank, you are required to upgrade your system before the 1st January 2020 to a suitable sewage treatment system.

The Uni:Gem is a septic tank conversion unit that uses aerobic extended aeration, combined with biomass actuation to treat effluent from existing septic tanks. The UniGem septic tank conversion unit will ensure your wastewater meets the required standards in accordance with the Environment Agency and the 2020 Septic Tank Regualtions.

Uni:Gem units are suitable for domestic, commercial and agricultural applications with models available up to 40-person. As standard they are supplied as ‘gravity’ outlets, a pumped outlet option is also available.